Welcome to Eagle Online Excellence at AU

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Eagle Online Excellence (EOE) is an institutional effort to advance AU’s commitment to quality education in all modalities. AU has always been proud to offer high-quality instruction and recognizes that course design is a key component of teaching excellence. The EOE initiative supports AU faculty members who are committed to designing high-quality online courses by providing tools, resources, and the expert guidance of skilled instructional designers to develop their courses utilizing the nationally recognized Quality Matters rubric. Faculty who complete the certification process are recognized for their efforts to ensure an effective online learning experience with the EOE Digital Badge of Excellence. This badge can be displayed on their courses and syllabi. 

The Eagle Online Excellence initiative provides valuable resources for all faculty members, including:

  1. A detailed evaluation checklist consisting of research-based standards to guide online course design
  2. A formal instructional design consultation and course review process
  3. Professional development opportunities in online course design, including webinars, online trainings, and a series of micro-learning courses.